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Hi Folks!

My name is IÑIGO and I am a POSTCARDS COLLECTOR from Pamplona (Navarra) in the north of SPAIN. And I can say I am MAD ABOUT POSTCARDS.

I have been collecting postcards since I was very young and now I think I have one of the most beautiful postcards collections in the world. ;-))) Ha Ha. As you can see, I am very proud of it.
I have uploaded my main collections here so everybody can enjoy watching it.

My best collections, which I recommend to visit are:
1.- My MAPS of Countries & Dependencies Postcards Collection: with 268 Maps from all the countries and dependencies in the world.
2.- My COUNTRIES & DEPENDENCIES Postcards Collection: a wonderful way to see many different places all around the world.
3.- My NATIONAL PARKS Postcards Collection: with more than 1100 National Parks (NP) from many countries in the world.
4.- My CASTLES Postcards Collection: with more than 1750 Castles & Forts from all over the world.
5.- My UNESCO Postcards Collection: with all 1092 Unesco World Heritage Sites (WHS) in the world.

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Enjoy this TRIP around the WORLD.

Iñigo Cia.
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